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GP_IMFMeridian Ireland is the publisher of Irish Medicines Formulary (IMF), available in print (A5 Book) and digital (IMF-Online) formats. It is the only Ireland-specific, independent and fully complete medicines compendium available in Ireland.

First introduced in 2007, IMF has over 13 years of proven reliability and authority in delivering accurate medicines information to Ireland's health professionals.

Designed initially in print with the advice and assistance of doctors and other end-users, IMF introduced a digital version, IMF-Online in 2015.

Information in IMF includes essential prescribing and safety details for each licensed and marketed medicine. But there is much more in this powerful reference.

The Irish healthcare system is unique with its own terminology and somewhat complex structures. The prescribing and dispensing of medicines include factors specific to Ireland including the correct reimbursement scheme, reference pricing, generic substitution and official Preferred Medicines. All details are included in IMF.



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