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Information for Locums in Ireland 2020

So, you are going to work as a locum in Ireland - there's a whole lot of medical jargon and terminology to deal with in Ireland's healthcare service!

What does "the HSE" mean? A GMS or medical card patient? What about the PCRS, finding the HPRA ADR form, the interchangeability list of medicines or High Tech prescription? How about HSE-MMP Preferred Drug, reference price, reimbursed price or trade price? For some medicines, what does "requires approval" actually mean and where to you get that approval?

IMF-online includes a glossary; concise definitions and explanations of terminology used in the Irish healthcare setting.

What medicines can I prescribe as a locum?

Locums, whether from Irish medical schools, or arriving from other EU countries, Canada, Poland, South Africa, Australia or Asia will need to get familiar with the medication options licensed and marketed in Ireland. IMF-Online is the fully-complete medicines reference specific for Ireland. It includes all original brands, branded generics and true generics.

Some medicines are marketed under different brand names between different countries, including Ireland and the UK. This problem is eliminated by using IMF-Online as all drugs are detailed using the brand name appropriate for Ireland.

Additionally, many medicines are licensed and marketed only in Ireland and are NOT detailed in non-Irish formularies. This is not a problem if you are using IMF-Online, it is fully-complete.

As well as conventional prescription medicines, IMF-Online includes reimbursed OTC medicines and medical devices. For added safety, it also includes details for commonly used herbal preparations and potential interactions with conventional medicines, as patients may already be self-medicating when they present to the surgery.

Are there Irish prescribing guidelines for doctors / locums?

IMF-Online is more than a database of medicines. It includes Antibiotic Prescribing in Ireland guidelines (in conjunction with the ICGP/HSE/HPSC) and the latest and most up-to-date Childhood Immunisation Schedule (in collaboration with the National Immunisation Office). Official Adverse Reaction Report Forms and Quality Defect Report Cards relevant to Ireland are provided (in conjunction with the HPRA).

There is a summary of how to write a legally valid prescription in Ireland specifying the required format and content including criteria for controlled drugs.

How much does an IMF-Online subscription cost*?

Annual subscription for a single-user license costs €98.98 (yes, 52 weeks' full access for just €1.90 per week). *Excludes VAT and is for a single-user license for a 12-month period.




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