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IMF-Online: Medicines Information for Ireland

IMF-Online is 100% ad-free! It is lightning-fast: health professionals find the right information instantly. Superb design and an exquisite and unique cascading of information make it fully mobile-friendly for use on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

As an independent medicines information resource, it provides the correct, legally appropriate and Ireland-specific prescribing, dispensing, administering and monitoring information for medicines licensed and marketed in Ireland.

Licensed and Unlicensed Medicines, OTC Medicines and Medical Devices in Ireland

IMF-Online includes all licensed and marketed prescription medicines (and a number of prescribed unlicensed medicines, ULMs). It includes reimbursed OTC medicines and medical devices.

It is fully complete, providing information for all original brands, branded generics and true generics (which are omitted from UK-based formularies). A multitude of generic and branded-generic drugs together with the introduction by government of generic substitution make a comprehensive reference more essential than ever before.

Prescribing, Dispensing and Administration Drug Information

In addition to the key prescribing and safety information for licensed medicines, IMF-Online provides practical information including possible effects on driving for each medicine and use (or prohibition) in sport.

There is a comprehensive database of manufacturers (or MAHs) to ensure practitioners have the relevant contact details should they need to enquire about specific drugs.

Where relevant, specific storage instructions for certain medicines are detailed and noteworthy excipients are included for added safety (allergic reactions).

Reimbursement, Reference Pricing, Generic Substitution

IMF-Online is Ireland-specific, so drug prices are in Euro (€) and the reimbursement classification shows the appropriate Irish scheme. Details of Reference Price, Official Preferred Medicines and Interchangeability (generic substitution) are included.

Official Adverse Reaction Report Forms and Quality Defect Report Cards in IMF-Online are relevant to Ireland (in conjunction with the HPRA).

IMF-Online is designed to ensure the relevant information is delivered from this one website.




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